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RMC brand valves are the premier choice of valves in the Australian plumbing marketplace. Offering a complete range of valves including thermostatic mixing valves, combination non-return and isolating valves, pressure and temperature relief valves and expansion control valves, RMC valves provide a complete control system for all water heater applications.

RMC is a brand of Reliance Worldwide (Australia). For information about other Reliance products please visit the Reliance Worldwide Australia Website here.

Changes to Queensland Plumbing Legislation

Commencing 1 March 2006 the Queensland State government has introduced a number of changes to the plumbing and drainage laws. Part of these changes refers to the maximum mains supply pressure to a new plumbing installation. RMC's Syr Pressure Reducing Valves offer a convenient solution to this new requirement.

In addition to this, RMC is developing a new range of pressure reducing valves designed to specifically address issues identified by Queensland plumbing inspectors regarding this new legislation. More information will be available through this Website as this progresses.